Well hello old friend!

I have let the Blog slide by over the last six months or so in favour of Facebook as a way of sharing my photography, both professional and personal. But tonight I have made a momentous decision… ¬†well not really momentous, but significant none-the-less – the reinvention of my Blog! Ah ha, I can hear the trumpets….!

I will continue to use my Facebook business page to display my professional work and the plan is to share my more personal imagery and musings on the Blog, linked from Facebook of course! ūüėČ

Wish me luck and any encouragement you can give me along the way won’t go unnoticed!!

Most of us at some stage, take a wander through a cemetery. As children, my sister and I used to walk through our local cemetery on occasion, mainly looking at how old people were when they met their maker.

I like to look at old graves. Not sure why, I have always had a healthy fascination with these locations. So when my family and I took a trip down to Picton a few weekends ago, of course we had to visit the local cemetery.

Picton cemetery is meant to be one of the most haunted locations in Sydney. Well, I’m thankful to say we didn’t get to meet Casper, but slightly disappointed to say I did not capture any apparitions through my lens either!

It is a very small cemetery crowded with old graves dating back to the mid 1800’s. Many babies, toddlers and young adults are buried there and most of the graves are quite elaborate. As my daughters and I meandered amongst the graves, I took a few snaps….


What a beautiful bump!

“And I know that we can be so amazing
And being in your life is gonna change me
And now I can see every single possibility….”

                                                      Michael Buble


Well this ‘bump’ has now become a little girl – Mia! Congratulations Sanja and Miljan!

Sanja contacted me a week before her due date to see if we could schedule a time to have some maternity photos done. Our original date was rained out, so we moved the shoot three days later and were presented with some beautiful weather to have these photos done. Lucky for Sanja we squeezed this in just in time as little Mia was born on the Monday!

What a stunning couple and what a beautiful belly! Makes me miss being pregnant! I love pregnant bellies!

Sun, Surf and Stunning Smiles!

You know when you see people and say, ‘these two are just meant for each other.’ Well here they are!

This couple, Chantelle and Scott, were so natural and all smiles for their session! And look at the result, s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! I just hung back and let them do their thing. I think at one point they forgot I was there….

Thank you Chantelle and Scott for letting me capture your love and dedication for each other. It was an absolute pleasure. Let’s do it again sometime!

There were so many to share, I couldn’t choose…. click on an image to see a larger version

If you would like a session, winter is a great time, so give me a call and we can organise something!

Family + beach + happiness = GORGEOUS!

Things have been rather quiet from me on the blog side of things of late. I have said it before today, too! With launching my new website, photo sessions, other things to do and I’ll admit a teeny-weeny bit of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Well today is tomorrow and aside from posting a gorgeous family shoot I did recently, I really need to catch up on my dictionary and WordPress weekly challenges. I think I’ve missed about 4 weeks worth!

So onto the purpose of this post… I met with this family last month and we headed down to Elouera Beach. It was quite a warm day and unfortunately due to timing constraints for the family we had to have our session at ¬†the worst possible time for beach photography! Especially in full sun! Luckily I was able to rotate the family members so each of them had a go at becoming instant assistants by holding up my reflector as a sun shade! ¬†Thanks for your help guys!

This family – Scott, Guia, Alexandra and Sean really got into their session. We had heaps of fun rolling around in the sand – well they did the rolling, I didn’t want to get sand in my camera! They were all naturals and despite the full sun, we got some fantastic shots that the family loved! Thanks guys for letting me capture your beautiful family. It was so refreshing to see how much love you all have for one another and how close you all are.

Inspirational I say!

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Photo Project 2011 | Week 10

I have a large stockpile of images on my external hard drive.  Most are personal images, but many are those I have just snapped if they have caught my attention, found them interesting, different or thought beautiful.

And there are some that I have snapped if they have done what this week’s dictionary word has done.

‘impact – 1. collision; the force of a collision 2. an influence or effect.

When I saw these two standing on the shore in Manly (near Oceanworld) they immediately caught my eye. The scene made an impact on me on a personal level.

I thought it beautiful.

Beautiful as a moment and time shared. One that this little girl will more than likely, hopefully, remember forever. And a moment ¬†that her father (I can only assume that it is her dad), will also treasure. Doesn’t matter if they caught anything, we didn’t see if they did!

Photo Project 2011 | Week 9

Another week, another challenge! I searched through my folders of images to find an appropriate representation for this week’s word.

As soon as I picked the word, I knew immediately which image would be the best one! Actually it’s two images!

You know when you have an image and you say, “I’ll use that one day…”. Today is that day :).

This week’s word:

‘cleanse: 1. make clean. 2. purify from sin or guilt.

Number two meaning, I won’t be attempting that one… but number one, well let me say, everything has to cleanse! Some are better at it than others, but this little¬†¬†baby was having a ball cleansing itself!

I love the way they pop their heads under water, shake it all off and bingo, all clean! I just kept my finger on the shutter and here’s the result…



It’s ¬†amazing the way the water droplets have formed on the feathers. These images really highlight the ‘water off a ducks back’ saying. Oh and are a good example of the word of the week too!

Thanks for looking. ūüôā



Weekly Photo Challenge: (Refuge)

Aside from my own photographic challenge of posting an image a week by interpreting a random dictionary word into an image (which I have not done from last week as we were away!), I will be attempting to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge run by The DailyPost at WordPress.com as well!

This week’s word – Refuge.

A little while ago, my family and I went to a wildlife park in Sydney which has an awesome array of native Australian animals – Featherdale Wildlife Park.

For the international readers out there, this is a Wombat. Click here to read more about one of Australia’s cutest little marsupials!

It – not sure if it was a he or a she! –¬† was seeking refuge from the heat of the day in a hollow log. Lucky for me ‘it’ couldn’t get comfortable, so I got to capture both ends!

The front end!
The back-end!