Sisterly love – Sydney Family Photographer

So far behind on the Blog posts! Note to self – post more shoots in 2014! Said that in 2013 too, so we’ll see how I go!

These two beauties and their parents had a ball at their session (some months ago now!)  It was very, very hot and smokey from all the bushfires around Sydney at the time, and alot of the park was closed to the public for safety, but we found some new spots, rolled around on the ground and got some lovely shots.

Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-1 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-2 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-3 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-4 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-5 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-6 Pregnancy newborn baby & children's family portraits Sydney-7

More Sun and Sand and a little bit of surf, anybody…?

Further to my last post, here are some more pics from our last family holiday! No kids this time – just the sand, a little bit of surf and some other stuff!

When the crowds disappear, the expanse of beach seems endless.

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia 2012.

And one for my girls, who are massive One Direction fans….;-)

Sun, Sand & Family Fun

It’s so cold in Sydney at the moment… Winter has really hit with a vengeance! So I’m hoping that these pics let you picture warm sea breezes, sun and summer to take the edge off the cold – even though they are black and white!!

So just a few pics tonight of my three girls on our family trip to the Gold Coast, Queensland enjoying some quality ‘sister time’ at the beach.

Caitlin wanted to run with her big sisters, but was a little reserved with all that water!

So much sand, and sooo much fun!

Well hello old friend!

I have let the Blog slide by over the last six months or so in favour of Facebook as a way of sharing my photography, both professional and personal. But tonight I have made a momentous decision…  well not really momentous, but significant none-the-less – the reinvention of my Blog! Ah ha, I can hear the trumpets….!

I will continue to use my Facebook business page to display my professional work and the plan is to share my more personal imagery and musings on the Blog, linked from Facebook of course! 😉

Wish me luck and any encouragement you can give me along the way won’t go unnoticed!!

Most of us at some stage, take a wander through a cemetery. As children, my sister and I used to walk through our local cemetery on occasion, mainly looking at how old people were when they met their maker.

I like to look at old graves. Not sure why, I have always had a healthy fascination with these locations. So when my family and I took a trip down to Picton a few weekends ago, of course we had to visit the local cemetery.

Picton cemetery is meant to be one of the most haunted locations in Sydney. Well, I’m thankful to say we didn’t get to meet Casper, but slightly disappointed to say I did not capture any apparitions through my lens either!

It is a very small cemetery crowded with old graves dating back to the mid 1800’s. Many babies, toddlers and young adults are buried there and most of the graves are quite elaborate. As my daughters and I meandered amongst the graves, I took a few snaps….