More Sun and Sand and a little bit of surf, anybody…?

Further to my last post, here are some more pics from our last family holiday! No kids this time – just the sand, a little bit of surf and some other stuff!

When the crowds disappear, the expanse of beach seems endless.

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia 2012.

And one for my girls, who are massive One Direction fans….;-)

Sun, Sand & Family Fun

It’s so cold in Sydney at the moment… Winter has really hit with a vengeance! So I’m hoping that these pics let you picture warm sea breezes, sun and summer to take the edge off the cold – even though they are black and white!!

So just a few pics tonight of my three girls on our family trip to the Gold Coast, Queensland enjoying some quality ‘sister time’ at the beach.

Caitlin wanted to run with her big sisters, but was a little reserved with all that water!

So much sand, and sooo much fun!

This beautiful country – the first instalment

Well, I have been very slack with blogging of late. With the death of my father-in-law, young children, running a business and household and setting up a new website for the business, one has not been left much time for anything else!

In some of my past blogs, I have mentioned we recently (not recently anymore!) took a trip to country NSW. I won’t say much more and will let the images speak for themselves throughout the instalments, but this country of ours is one beautiful country and we are blessed to live in it.


Photo Project 2011 | Week 6

This week’s word, well I had lots of choices with regard its meaning. Too many in fact! The word:


I’m not going to type out every meaning, but click here if you want to have a look at all the different meanings for this one little word!

Being a photographer, this word is quite apt for the profession!

You should have prime position to capture many of the moments we hope to and a good prime lens is always handy to have.

There are many ways in which to represent this word as an image. And all just in and around the house…

1. My husband brought home some meat for dinner, some prime cuts destined for the pressure cooker. No, I didn’t find the idea of capturing raw meat very appetising ;-), so looked around the house for some other ways to capture the word.

2. My daughters’ brought home their school books to cover in contact – what a fun job that is!  Covering the maths book, thinking in numbers, prime numbers, that is. Our house has a number 3 in it! Perfect! Yep, went out into the heat, out from the comfort of the aircon, and took a pic of my letterbox with the house number on it. I am sure my neighbours thought I was a little strange, but in the name of creativity, I ignored my embarrassment. Got that image, but I wanted more.

4. Before the cooler change last night, I lay on a mat outside with my dogs and Boo-Boo (aka Caitlin) and we looked up. Bingo! Prime position! It was amazing to watch the changes in colour over such a short period of time although my pics don’t do the real thing justice! The resulting images…. (click on the image to see a larger format)

All from my front and backyard! By the way, the letterbox number was taken with one of my prime lenses, Sigma 28mm, f1.8. The landscapes with my favourite zoom, Pentax 60-250mm f4.

Thanks for looking and continuing with me whilst I explore my creativity and have fun with my photography! Aint that what it’s all about…?

Photo Project 2011

It’s the beginning of a new year, so many photo blogs have started up projects to post an image per day/week, depending on your busyness. I am a little late for the photo per day challenge, so I think I will attempt the photo per week project! I think that this is all I have time for running a business, three children and a house-hold! If I do get a chance to post more, I’ll call them ‘randoms!’

As we are in week two (and a half!) of 2011, I present the first two images for the project…. even though they were taken in week 52 of 2010!!

Image one:

New Year’s Eve was spent with my husband, children, brother and sister-in-law and niece and nephew in Medlow Bath, in the Blue Mountains. We made tacos and played Pictionary, of which I am happy to report, my team won – twice! Don’t have any photographic evidence of this, but I did take a pic of a celebratory glass of wine complimented by the gorgeous mountains sunset!

And being in the mountains, how could I go past posting a pic of the sunset view from our balcony!

Image two:

I was trying to think of some different angles for this project. One idea was to open the dictionary at a random page, close my eyes and point to a word, then interpret that word into an image. 🙂 I like the idea! Whether or not I can pull it off, well, depends on how many too hard words I pick!

I think I’ll stick with this idea and start tomorrow! Should make for some interesting posts!