A little about me…!

Hello – and welcome to my Blog! My name is Danielle, but most people call me Dan or Dani and have done for the last 20+ years, so if you stick with one of these three names, you’ll be OK!

I created this blog as a kind of record/journal of my images and thoughts. A place where I can share a bit about myself and what I do. A place where you can see the images I capture and maybe get to know me a little.

So, who am I… don’t we all ask ourselves this question at some time or another?  Well, I am no exception.

My life encompasses many occupations. I could call myself: a cook; a cleaner (yuck!); a teacher; a nurse; a vet – but primarily and most importantly – I am

A mum

A wife

A daughter

A friend

A writer and

A Photographer.

I have always been a photographer in one way or another. My parents gave me my first camera – a brownie – at the age of 10. I still remember the smell of the film and the grainy images they produced!

I studied photography at school and TAFE, took my camera (not the brownie!) everywhere capturing many of the significant events, fun times, family and friends in my teen years – thus, spending a fortune of film! The camera took a bit of a back seat during my 20’s but when my twin girls were born, the dust was brushed off!  Initially, my photography was for my own satisfaction, but I came to listen to many people who commented on how natural my images were and my ability to capture the fleeting moments as they happen. From this and with the encouragement of my family and friends, Memorable Moments was born!

I like to photograph many things – children, people, animals and landscapes/mother nature are my favourites. My portrait style is candid, natural and relaxed. I take a simplistic documentary approach to my photography and believe it is all about YOU!

Send me a message if you like what you see. I would love the opportunity to capture YOUR MOMENTS and make them YOUR treasured MEMORIES.



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