Meet Mia ♥

“I give her all my love 
That’s all I do 
And if you saw my love 
You’d love her too 
I love her”

The Beatles

You may remember Sanja from her maternity session. Well two days later, this little treasure was born! Meet Mia….

Sometimes with newborns, sessions never turn out as we plan. We just go with the flow, relax, take some time out and if all else fails, reschedule.

Mia, mum and dad, had a rough night prior to our first session, but before calling it quits, we managed to get some fabulous shots in, but not enough in my book!! Unfortunately, for our second session, dad had to work, so it was just me, mum and Mia! I had so many gorgeous shots to choose from to include on the blog, this is just a handful! I even caught a smile – love it!

What a beautiful family!  Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world Mia! Thank you both again – it was a pleasure!


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