Family + beach + happiness = GORGEOUS!

Things have been rather quiet from me on the blog side of things of late. I have said it before today, too! With launching my new website, photo sessions, other things to do and I’ll admit a teeny-weeny bit of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Well today is tomorrow and aside from posting a gorgeous family shoot I did recently, I really need to catch up on my dictionary and WordPress weekly challenges. I think I’ve missed about 4 weeks worth!

So onto the purpose of this post… I met with this family last month and we headed down to Elouera Beach. It was quite a warm day and unfortunately due to timing constraints for the family we had to have our session at  the worst possible time for beach photography! Especially in full sun! Luckily I was able to rotate the family members so each of them had a go at becoming instant assistants by holding up my reflector as a sun shade!  Thanks for your help guys!

This family – Scott, Guia, Alexandra and Sean really got into their session. We had heaps of fun rolling around in the sand – well they did the rolling, I didn’t want to get sand in my camera! They were all naturals and despite the full sun, we got some fantastic shots that the family loved! Thanks guys for letting me capture your beautiful family. It was so refreshing to see how much love you all have for one another and how close you all are.

Inspirational I say!





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