Photo Project 2011 | Weeks’ 11 & 12 and a small tribute

I am a little behind with my posts so am posting last week’s dictionary word with this weeks’. But first I would like to say a little about my beautiful father-in-law who passed away on the 13 March, surrounded by his children after a long illness.

He had battled Parkinson’s Disease for the last 5 years. This saw him deteriorate markedly mentally and physically over the last 12 months. It was very hard for his family to watch this once active and very intelligent man become a shell of himself. This disease is slow and can be very cruel. Like all diseases I suppose….

He loved his grandchildren, of which he had 7, with a passion. He was the type of man every kid would love to have as a grandfather. He would interact with them as if he was a child – a great way of relating to them – and they loved it! In his father’s eulogy, my husband referred to him as the fifth Wiggle! In a gathering he was the one who would be watching the kids. They kept him young.

He was a very intelligent man; a Professor of Engineering and was extremely generous and selfless.

Mr U, as we in-law’s called him, was 81 when he passed. We will all miss him, but are comforted in the fact that he did have a good and long life and that he was very much-loved, and that is all any of us can ask for, if we are lucky!

OK, last week’s word…

‘contour – 1. an outline, esp. representing or bounding, the shape or form of something.’

On our recent trip to country NSW, the pics of which I am also yet to post (arrgggh!) we went to ‘The Dish‘ in Parkes. My mother actually came from Parkes and as a child, I spent many of my school holidays with my grandparents there, but never went there! So this was a first for me! It gets really hot in Parkes!! Anyway, This pic is very relative to last week’s word. Let me know what you think…!

Now, this weeks’ word… I tried the other end of the dictionary!

‘MP – 1. Member of Parliament 2. military police ‘.

Don’t have any pics handy of either of those and don’t think I’ll be able to go out and get some considering the current NSW elections! Really, quite a boring word, and I did consider picking another one, but we took the kids to Canberra a few years ago and took some pics of the new and old Parliament House foyer entrances. Parliament is where our MP’s sit, so it still fits! These were taken with my old point and shoot and not my current arsenal, but they are not too bad! I would have shown images of the buildings facade, but my pics of the newer Parliament House have unsightly fences in them, and I don’t have that much time to Photoshop them out!

Notice in the pic of the older steps, there is a figure at the top of the balustrade. Looks ghostly! It’s not, but it could be!!



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