Photo Project 2011 | Week 10

I have a large stockpile of images on my external hard drive.  Most are personal images, but many are those I have just snapped if they have caught my attention, found them interesting, different or thought beautiful.

And there are some that I have snapped if they have done what this week’s dictionary word has done.

‘impact – 1. collision; the force of a collision 2. an influence or effect.

When I saw these two standing on the shore in Manly (near Oceanworld) they immediately caught my eye. The scene made an impact on me on a personal level.

I thought it beautiful.

Beautiful as a moment and time shared. One that this little girl will more than likely, hopefully, remember forever. And a moment  that her father (I can only assume that it is her dad), will also treasure. Doesn’t matter if they caught anything, we didn’t see if they did!


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