Weekly Photo Challenge: shadow

I was trying to think of something creative for this challenge. I had an idea, but trying to get it to come to fruition was going to be time-consuming and possibly a little frustrating! It involved my one-year-old daughter.  Say no more!

As a back up, I had some pics I took a little while ago which I could use, but thought I’d give my first idea a go first!

Well, we tried more than a few times, with more than a few clicks of the shutter and this was probably the best one of about 5o images! There was too much to explore for my little one to sit still for mummy and help her with the challenge!

Here is what we came up with… She is reaching for me, albeit a little half-heartedly 😉


Alien shadow - aka mum and daughters' reaching hands!

So, seeing as the above image did not really turn out how I envisioned, I’ll post my back up plan too! A little while ago, I found a praying mantis sunning itself on my front balcony. I grabbed my camera hoping to get some good close ups without scaring it away.

Once I saw the shadows this little creature was creating, it was all very interesting. The insect was actually watching me! It climbed up on one of my daughters’ roller skates to get a closer look! It then saw it’s own shadow and stood there for ages, swaying back and forth. Hilarious!

I knew these might  come in handy one day!


Here I come!


I see you!


Ah grasshopper!


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