Photo Project 2011 | Week 9

Another week, another challenge! I searched through my folders of images to find an appropriate representation for this week’s word.

As soon as I picked the word, I knew immediately which image would be the best one! Actually it’s two images!

You know when you have an image and you say, “I’ll use that one day…”. Today is that day :).

This week’s word:

‘cleanse: 1. make clean. 2. purify from sin or guilt.

Number two meaning, I won’t be attempting that one… but number one, well let me say, everything has to cleanse! Some are better at it than others, but this little  baby was having a ball cleansing itself!

I love the way they pop their heads under water, shake it all off and bingo, all clean! I just kept my finger on the shutter and here’s the result…



It’s  amazing the way the water droplets have formed on the feathers. These images really highlight the ‘water off a ducks back’ saying. Oh and are a good example of the word of the week too!

Thanks for looking. 🙂




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