Photo Project 2011 | Week 8

I’m on time for this one and I think the dictionary gods are looking favourably on me! This week’s word is also a pretty easy one.

I will say, I’m trying to think outside the box for this challenge but I do think that it somewhat impossible to do that with some of these words! They are too straight forward! Good for my brain, but not good for my creativity. Don’t want this challenge to become toooo boring! 😦

Soldiering on to work with what I have, this week’s word:

‘stain:’ click here for all the meanings…

Now I could have taken an image of some of my kids clothes with paint stains, but that would make me look bad considering I do the majority of the washing in the household! Can’t have that!

So my lovely, long-suffering husband is going to take the fall for this one! xx

We have a deck leading out to our backyard which we recently re-stained with some gorgeous timber stain. I will present three pics for this challenge to give you the full effect!

1. The newly stained deck.


Nicely stained deck - complete with dog fur!


OK. Now anyone who has worked with stain before knows it can be a little troublesome when it comes to cleanup. The stain is a water-based stain which means it ‘just washes out in water’. Easy. Put the lambswool pads in a bucket to soak, wait till they are semi-clean rinse and throw the dirty water into the garden, right? Or the even easier option, throw the pads in the bin!

Well, in the interest of keeping the pads for re-use, my husband decided to wash them out, which was great! But his choice of location to do this was not. At the tap in the front garden near our letterbox. The slope of the garden/street runs west. Look at our driveway now…:

I will take no responsibility for this stain! I will however, in the interest of staying married, take full responsibility for the colour of the stain which highlights the white dog fur! Note to self: white dogs, dark stain and driveways do not mix!



One thought on “Photo Project 2011 | Week 8

  1. Oh my I can see this happening to many a drive way Danielle, poor men we always get the blame and we only try to do the right thing well thats my stance as a bloke anyway hahaa yes I can see how it would upset one though ;).
    I might have to look at joining this image a week project thing looks like a lot of fun as well as a good idea to get out and get some images hey.
    Keep up the good work eh 🙂

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