Photo Project 2011 | Week 7

I’m a little late! This is actually my post for last week. My family and I went on a little adventure to country NSW for my husband’s work. I’ll be posting some pics from our trip on an upcoming post, but for now, back to the business at hand and apologies for my lateness!

This week’s dictionary word is a pretty easy one.

‘hire: 1. procure the temporary use of (a thing) for an agreed payment. 2. employ (a person) for wages or a fee.’

I got my local paper and combed the pages for an advert of something to hire, like a chainsaw or other piece of machinery (we have hired a chainsaw before and for the cost, we could have bought one, but that’s beside the point!). There was nothing advertised for hire! Only sale. Wrong word.

Flicked through to the job section. Challenge done. 🙂







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