Photo Project 2011 | Week 5

This weeks word is a doozy! Apologies now if anyone takes offence… but I just gotta!

I have decided to not represent this word in its vernacular, but to take a more modern approach to its meaning on the grounds it may offend the subject of the image! Not that I have anyone in mind of course!

This weeks’ photo meaning of the word is not in the ‘book’ dictionary as such, but in our, meaning the world’s (!), ‘verbal’ dictionary. I am also representing the plural form of the word.

Any clues? No, I guess not…. Haven’t given you much to go on have I, so without further ado, this week’s word:

‘booby – 1. a stupid or childish person’

Now, how do you think I could take a representative image without anyone taking real offence? Well, I’m just not that into taking images of nudes, although the human form is quite a work of art… but for the purposes of this blog, it will not be in my repertoire!

Next best thing? Having a ten-year-old child! No, no, no, I know how that sounds, but wait. Read on….

All kids – girls, boys and even some adults (!) – have an affiliation with this part of the female anatomy. At my youngest daughters first birthday recently, we blew up some balloons (can you see where I’m going now?!). Give a kid some balloons, and what do they become (before being popped that is)?


It was honestly pure coincidence that this word was picked. The image, I love it, although I thought it would be one to bring out at her 21st, but luckily we don’t have to wait another 11 years!

It’s a picture of one of my girls, the good old balloons stuffed down the front of her shirt. I have hidden her face to protect her identity, although she did give me permission to use the image! I think it quite fitting, although purely accidental, her shirt reads “Cubs”.

This project just keeps getting better and better ;)!

One for prosperity!


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