Hip, Hip Hooray!

It is hard to believe my ‘baby’ turns one tomorrow! Her first big milestone! The year has gone so quickly but I will not forget her traumatic entry into the world. Well, it was a little more traumatic for me in any case.

In Sydney at the moment, we have had some very hot temperatures and it was exactly the same last year at this time. I distinctly remember wishing for my bump to be a few weeks early as I was slightly over carrying such a large bump (as are most mums towards the end of their pregnancy) and so I could possibly enjoy the hospital air conditioning for a while! I got my wish! Our ‘bump’ arrived two weeks early. I was covering school books for my other daughters when my waters broke. Needless to say, I got out of covering all the books!

My labour stopped and I was induced two days later, but the induction did not go according to plan. After seven hours of  being pumped with oxytocin, an epidural, no food and no water, my labour had not progressed and bump started to go into foetal distress. I didn’t blame her! After discussions with doctors and midwives, it was decided to proceed with a caesarean. Not my ideal choice, but one we had to make for bumps safety.

Just when we thought things were happening, an emergency caesarean pushed infront of me! Grrrr. I didn’t want the hospital air conditioning anymore.

Three hours later, we heard our bump’s first cries. It was lovely. Our bump now had a proper name. Caitlin Rose.

My husband went with her to be poked and prodded whilst I was being stitched up. This took longer than normal due to scar tissue from my previous delivery. Fabulous! After two hours on the table, I was finally taken to recovery. I was feeling rather ill and very tired. Then, all of a sudden, I could not breathe. I felt absolutely dreadful. Hot, itchy, sweating and very short of breath. The look on the nurses face said it all as she asked me if I was alright. I replied, ‘I don’t feel very good.’  After two more hours in recovery, they wheeled me into my ward. By now I was hallucinating. I was aware, but felt as if I was in a tunnel. I thought the room had red carpet and wood panelling on the walls – straight out of the 70’s! I can still see it!

It was one of the best and worst and weirdest experiences of my life.

By the next morning, half-hourly observations, numerous bags of fluid and oxygen, I still felt like, well you know what.  I desperately wanted to see my baby. It was 10 hours since her delivery and I had only had a one minute glance. The reason for my experience? A severe allergic reaction to morphine. It took 3 more days to feel half normal and by then I just wanted to take my baby home and I missed my other daughters.

Caitlin was born on Monday 01.02.2010. Her birthdate and month are a palindrome of the year she was born. She is a very easy, good-natured little girl who so far, likes to exert her independence in any way she can. I am also pleased to say, she now sleeps! She is not yet crawling, but gets around quite OK on her fat little bottom, which now highlights the fact that she puts anything in her path in her mouth! She points to everything and loves her sisters! She loves Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Her nickname is Boo-Boo, which she answers to just as well as Caitlin! She cries, oh yes she does, but her outbursts are brief. She has the cheekiest smile which just melts your heart.I could go on….

She is just a delight and I am so glad we decided to take the plunge and have our third child. And although our lives have changed and plans we were making before she came along have been put back about six years ;),  none of us would have it any other way. Happy Birthday our gorgeous Boo-Boo! WE LOVE YOU!

Here is a montage of some snap shots we have taken over the last 12 months – straight out of camera – no edits – she doesn’t need it!


3 thoughts on “Hip, Hip Hooray!

  1. Hi Danielle, oh you are such a great mum!! I love your story that you shared with us. You are amazing and your Boo-Boo is just so cute and gorgeous. Enjoy the time with your family, you all deserve lots of laughter and happiness! Kisses Hana

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