Photo Project 2011 | Week 4

I think I need a smaller dictionary! It always amazes me at the size of the English language. We use so little of the words contained in it, let alone even heard of some of them!

Week 4 of the Photo Project has produced a word I have never heard of before, until now! Aside from getting my creative juices flowing, this project could prove good for the mind and breadth of my vocabulary! Well, I honestly can’t say that I will be using this word in my every day speech, but hey, it is always good to keep learning!

This weeks word:

‘feculent: (I know, I hear you… what the…?) 1. murky; filthy.  2. containing sediments or dregs’

Who’d have known! Putting a picture with this word was pretty easy. We all have a feculent area somewhere around us, be it in our backyard, front yard, suburb, local park… you’d just never look for it would you?

Well, I had to to complete this week’s challenge and am sad to say I did not have to go far to find my little feculent area. An area near my garage where the dogs like to crawl under the deck on their bellies out of the heat, and drag out all the dirt and sediment under there on the way out!

When I water the plants or we have heavy rain, the area becomes a little, well, murky. Thank goodness it is only a very small area.

It was pretty hot today, so the area was a very dry, but just add water, and voila! Feculent!


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