Photo Project 2011 | Week 3

Continuing on from my post last week regarding the Photo Project challenge for 2011, I pulled out my very large Oxford Concise English dictionary to find my word of the week.


I closed my eyes…

opened the dictionary at a random page and with eyes still closed…

trusted in pot-luck and pointed to a word.

The word:

dismal – 1. causing or showing gloom; miserable. 2. dreary or sombre’

Well, thanks very much for that one! What a great way to start the project! Let’s hope it’s not an indication of my efforts for this challenge!



After the initial shock, I was stumped. I mean, it was a beautiful summers day outside, so I couldn’t take a pic of the weather to go with my word. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to go out today and find something ‘dreary or sombre’ to represent my word, but as luck would have it, opportunity knocked.

Now I know one usually uses the word dismal with reference to weather, state of affairs, colour.

Another spin…

I have three children.

Perfect subjects for showing gloom and being miserable!! 🙂 Of course, it is all open to interpretation!

Now anyone who has little ones knows how it can be great to capture tantrums for prosperity. I am no exception. She will hate me for it one day, but…

This weeks image:

Whatever my poppet was crying about must have had a pretty dismal outlook! Maybe it was the heat!


I  look forward to next weeks word!!



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