Mummy loves you….

Whilst editing some images the other day, one of my ten-year-olds came in to see what I was doing. She had a pout on her the size of Sydney Harbour! Naturally, I stopped what I was doing and delved a little further.

She asked in all her innocence, “How come you are putting photos of other people on the net for everyone to see, and none of us?” Us meaning her and her sister. Of course I felt like a failure as a mother for having my daughter feel that I did not care enough for her as to want to show her off and that I had inadvertently planted the jealousy seed in her little head. And especially seeing as her baby sister has already been posted!

So, we sat down and I let them pick a recent image we have of them to ‘show to the world’. They are now happy so that makes me happy.

Mummy loves you both forever and ever xxxxxx




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