Two beautiful ladies…!

It was cold, wet and windy. Definitely not ideal conditions for a photo shoot on rocks overlooking the Pacific ocean! After numerous phone calls and umming and arring, we decided to go ahead.

As the photographer, I was fine! Nice and warm and cosy in my wind jacket, but for Candace and Bree, my models, well they were much braver than I! Although the rain had stopped, the wind coming off the ocean was wild and rather icy! But after a little while, and a few star jumps to warm up, the girls skin became numb and they couldn’t feel a thing!

The whole time, they did not complain and  it was actually quite an experience trying to get some good shots, in between teeth-chattering and gathering clumps of hair out of mouths! Lucky for me their shots are gorgeous!

We had lots of fun and the hot chocolate after the shoot made it all worthwhile! Thanks ladies for your fantastic company, humouring me and going above and beyond!


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