Smoke Photography

Part of the fun with photography is experimentation! I love the intricate lines and curls the smoke makes  – graceful, mesmerizing yet deadly (well not deadly in this instance thank goodness!).

This is one experiment I have wanted to try for ages and it was surprisingly easy and lots of fun! Here are some of the better results…

I have used low-res files to save space… 🙂

Click on image to see a larger version

Is this one laughing at me?!


One thought on “Smoke Photography

  1. Hi Danielle,
    I finaly found the time to have a look at your website… and I am overwhelmed… you are sooo good!! I wish I had known your talent and I would have “raped”:-) you to take pictures for me… Another great reason to go back to Australia!
    Keep on, you are doing great job!! I am looking forward to your future memorable moments pics. All the best. Hana

    PS: your little one is so gorgeous!!
    PS: I have an idea, don´t you want to come to Prague, to shoot our wedding:-)

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