Baby cuteness…

Many of you may know that I had my third child just over 9 months ago. Where has the time gone…. it’s just gone!!!

First time around with twins, it was put one foot in front of the other and take each day as it comes and get used to being a walking zombie!

Second time around, I have actually been blessed to have had the time to notice those baby milestones, to notice the personality development and all the other things that come with a new baby! She has her moments. Her favourite thing is to not sleep. That is just fantastic! I do however, hold out hope that once the teething thing (yes I have noticed!) settles down, sleep shall also follow. One can live in hope. 🙂

I have PLENTY of photographs of my lovely daughter, but here are just a couple for your eyes only….



One thought on “Baby cuteness…

  1. Hi Danny, congratulations! Love the photos. Success should be guaranteed.

    Also congrats on your new little girl, which someone forgot to tell me about!

    Damien’s Mum


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